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Online Reservation System – Features

Proffessional Price Management

Good for guest and the hotel. The system can be individually shaped for any room category, for any number of adults and children. In case of children calculations are made according their date of birth. Through our price management system prices for packages or daily prices can be designed easily and simply, without compromises!

Sales of package offers

Allows the sale of seasonal package offers. For example options like a validity from Sunday to Thursday can be set.

Sales with daily rates

If the sale doesn’t take place by offering packages, daily rates can be adjusted. If for example packages are made from only a stay of two nights, it's worth to set daily prices for a night stop, which won’t appear in case of a longer stay.

Management of boarding

Individually manageable levels of boarding, eg breakfast, half board, full board, all inclusive. For packages and daily rates also available.

Room mirror

Based on the mirror room our system can decide which room should be reserved to facilitate the sale and increase utilization contributes. Reservations can be color coded by status.


Discounts can be adjusted individually for daily rates and for packages. e.g. first minute, last minute, etc.


Adjustable, general conditions for bookings, cancellations and payments can be set for each season for daily rates and packages.


The system can handle multiple categories of accommodation, for example, 3 and 4 star wing or separate units, where some are only available in the summer and others all year round. Customizing options are available.


Parking fees, baby bathtubs in the rooms, travel beds, etc ...


Available to visitors in each country, in any language and with any currency. We ask you to inquire about variations abroad.

Online confirmations

Provides the opportunity for call of offers, reminders and confirmations via e-mail.


Utilization, reservation values, number of overnight stays, average length of stay, number of bookings can be retrieved at intervals.